Sunday, 31 March 2013

Decorating your Home - Easter Egg Decorating

In honour of it being Easter today here are my 5 favourite easter decorating tutorials that I have found whilst browsing the blog'sphere this past few weeks.

1. Sharpies really will write on anything Eggs! From

2. Lacey Dyed Eggs from Martha Stewart

3. Sprinkled Eggs by Tech Love Design

4. Spray Painted Eggs from Ashbee Designs

5. Simple Pastel Dyed by Karin Lidbeck

How did you decorate your eggs this year? What's your favourite technique?
If you leave a link in the comments to your Egg DIY post I just might include it in a Egg'tastic easter round up post.e


  1. these are all wonderful! although i seem to be more about the chocolate today :) Happy Easter!

  2. I suck at DIY! I need to get more into it though.

    Love the look of the laced eggs, gorgeous!

    Hope you had a lovely easter m'dear!